Unreal Engine Presentation

Last week I signed up for a presentation by Epic Games Japan. It was interesting, a lot of information so I won’t be telling to much about it. The reason I went to this presentation is because next year we will start to have classes with Game Engines and of course we are going to work with Unreal Engine. Which I’m pretty excited about. I’ve seen Epic Games being credited in several games like Gears of War, Mass Effect and many others, but that is not all. Recently I saw Iron Man 3 and I found out that Epic Games’s software have been credited thereĀ as well. Looked up more about it and it seems that scenes in Avengers movie have been used with this software.

Next year my studies with Unreal Engine will start and by that time Unreal Engine 4 should have been released for independent developers. This image below is an example of what can be done with it. Link to there video is below the picture of you are interested. Sometime in the future, I hope I can do something like this.


Video Link